Fotballspill G-500

Garlando G-500 er det mest populære fotballspillet vi har. Det er et klassisk fotballbord med en meget sterk konstruksjon og enestående spillegenskaper. Dette spillet vil vi anbefale til skoler, fritidsklubber o.l. Med hard bruk.

kr 8.550 inkl. mva.

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Fotballspill G-500

kr 8.550 inkl. mva.

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Varenummer: 300100

Bordet leveres med 16mm teleskopstenger for økt sikkerhet. Bordet har 4 robuste 9×9 cm stålbein. Spillere laget av ubrytelig hardplast i røde og blå farger.  10 fotballer følger med bordet.

Lengde: 143 cm.

Bredde: 76 cm.

Bredde med teleskopiske stenger: 110 cm.

Høyde: 88 cm.

Material: 25mm høy kvalitet MDF

Pakke størrelse:


Garlando G-500.
Model G-500.
Lengde 143 cm.
Bredde 76 cm.
Bredde med teleskopiske stenger 110 cm.
Høyde 88 cm.
Vekt 75 kg.
Pakke størrelse 150X80X34 cm.

Teknisk informasjon

Sturdy cabinet constructed from medium density fibreboard 2,5cm (1in) thick with melamine coating. Colour: grey oak.

The steel roller bearings inside the bearings fixing bars to the cabinet greatly improve the game speed, while reducing the stress for the players’ wrists.

Heavy duty legs made from 9cm (4x4in) square steel coated with washable powder varnish.

The leg levellers to enable a perfectly flat playfield on uneven terrains are available on request.

One-colour players in plastic material (moplen) representing a stylized human figure, directly moulded onto the bars: they do not move, cannot be displaced and maintain their positions perfectly. Colours: red and blue.

High stress resistance machine-trued hollow steel bars – diameter 16mm – coated with anti-rust chromium-plating. The quality of the materials used adds to the thickness of 2,2mm to prevent the bars from bending: they maintain a perfect shape for a long time. It is possible to choose between the going-through (also called solid) bars and the telescopic type.

Playing field in choice of transparent glossy glass, non-reflective sanded glass or plastic laminate. Glass is 5mm thick and always tempered. The silk-screen printed white lines on a green background reproduce the football ground.

Going-through bars: the standard bars protrude from the cabinet – at the handle opposite side – to follow the international competition standard, which is also used in many countries worldwide.

The table is available either with fully rotating (360 degrees) or non-rotating goalkeeper (180 degrees).

Safety device (telescopic bars): on request each table can be equipped with telescopic safety bars, having the same technical features as the going-through type. The difference is in the functioning, to obtain the maximum level of safety.

Balls served through a filler on each table side.

Quick and easy ball recovery through an exit behind each goal.

In telescopic bars, a smaller diameter bar glides inside the player bar, whose end does not protrude from the cabinet. This prevents dangerous strikes to the childrens’ eyes and face. Its use is strongly advised if the football table is meant for children and in the event that the table must be put in a location attended by children.

Bars are fixed to the cabinet by means of nylon ball bearings.

10 white Standard balls supplied with the table.

Quick and easy ball recovery through an exit behind each goal.



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